Winter has now rolled in for much of Australia, it’s now time if you haven’t already ensure to ensure your property is prepared for the cooler months ahead. Giving your guests a comfortable and safe stay can make all the difference in their experience. Here are some helpful considerations to keep your accommodation winter-ready.

Heating Systems Check

First things first, make sure your heating systems are in top working order. Book a maintenance check for boilers, radiators, and any other heating equipment to avoid unexpected breakdowns and to keep up with compliance. It’s also wise to provide additional room heaters for extra warmth as insurance. Don’t forget those often-overlooked areas like hallways and bathrooms. Heated towel rails can be a great addition to keep towels warm and bathrooms cosy. These might not be completely necessary for your offering but maybe helpful to think about.

Winter Bedding and Linens

Switch to thicker, warmer bedding to keep your guests comfortable during colder nights. Opt for heavier quilts and blankets and extra bedding – just in case. Materials like wool or down are excellent for their insulating properties. Consider adding electric blankets to the beds, providing that extra level of warmth guests will appreciate. And don’t forget about those little luxuries like plush bathrobes and soft slippers, which add a touch of homey comfort.

Outdoor Areas

Winter weather can make outdoor areas hazardous. Make sure pathways, steps, and entrances are clear of ice and snow. Use de-icing products and ensure proper drainage to prevent icy conditions. Providing mats or rugs at entrances helps keep interiors clean and safe from muddy or snowy footprints. It’s also thoughtful to offer umbrellas and perhaps even a designated area for drying wet boots and coats.

Fire Safety

With increased use of heating systems and fireplaces, fire safety becomes even more important. Check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers to ensure they are in working order. Provide clear instructions for using fireplaces safely, if applicable, and consider adding fireguards to prevent accidents.

Comfort Amenities

Winter is a time when guests will appreciate extra touches that add to their comfort. Stock rooms with amenities like hot water bottles, electric blankets, and cosy robes. Offering warm beverages like hot chocolate or tea can also enhance the guest experience. Think about adding a small selection of seasonal treats, such as mulled wine kits or festive biscuits, to make their stay even more special.

Winter Activity Suggestions

Help your guests make the most of their winter stay by providing suggestions for local winter activities. Whether it’s nearby ski resorts, ice skating rinks, scenic winter hikes, or cosy indoor attractions like museums and theatres, giving your guests ideas for things to do can enhance their experience. Include information on equipment rentals, local events, and transportation options to make it easy for them to plan their outings.


Preparing your accommodation for winter weather is all about anticipating your guests’ needs and ensuring their comfort and safety. By focusing on key areas and adding thoughtful touches, you can create a warm, welcoming environment that makes guests feel right at home, no matter how cold it gets outside. Get Winter-ready for a successful season ahead.