If I asked you to think of your favourite cafe, could you tell me why it’s your favourite? Chances are, you’d list a few things that this cafe does or has that others don’t. Perhaps it’s the diverse menu items or the barista who knows how to brew a perfect coffee; maybe it’s the spacious sitting areas or the themed decor. These features are what attract and maintain returning customers. Let’s dive into what a ‘point of difference’ is and why this should always be something to consider in your accommodation business.

‘Point of Difference’ What’s It All About?

Think of your point of difference (POD) as your property’s personality. It’s those cool, quirky, or high-quality traits that make your place not just another option but the option for travelers. It may be your unbeatable location, great customer service (cough-cough), or those plush, eco-friendly robes you offer, your POD is a very real factor with guests booking with you—and keep coming back.

Guests have tons of choices, so a solid POD is so important to grabbing their attention. Just being different is alo no t enough, rather be so good in your own way that guests can’t help but rave about you. Plus, it’s a big player in building brand loyalty and your marketing will really hum with features worth telling the world about.

Time To Define and Amplify Your POD

Here’s the fun part—shaping your property’s standout features. Let’s break it down:

  1. Take a Good Look Around Start with what you have. What are guests already loving about your place? Capitalise on these areas by pumping them up even more. Maybe it’s your breakfast spread that’s already winning hearts—how about adding local gourmet products to give it a regional twist?

  2. Boost Those Guest Amenities Here’s where the magic happens. Upgrading your guest amenities can turn a regular stay into a memorable experience. Think high-quality toiletries that guests might not buy for themselves or unique, locally-sourced items that scream luxury and care.

  3. Personalise the Experience Tailoring experiences to individual guest preferences can massively boost your POD. There are simple ways of doing this by welcoming guests a personalised note etc.

  4. Embrace Tech Tech can be a game-changer. Implementing smart devices in rooms that guests can use to control everything from lights to service requests not only modernises their stay but also adds that ‘wow’ factor. This is a good avenue to a point of difference as tech is always changing and evolving.

  5. Keep Innovating Stay relevant by continuing to innovate. Keep your ear to the ground for new trends and guest feedback. Always think about how you can incorporate fresh, exciting ideas into your offerings. 

  6. Let It Be Known Got your POD down? Great—now make sure everyone knows about it. Weave your unique points into all your marketing materials, from your website to social media. Make your uniqueness impossible to ignore.


Establishing and developing your point of difference isn’t just about setting you apart—it’s about creating a guest experience that’s as unique as your property.  By focusing on customising guest amenities and staying ahead of the curve, you position your property not just as a place to stay, but as a part of an unforgettable travel experience. You’ll know when you have a good point of difference when your guests start doing your marketing for you!