Do you agree with this title or do you need convincing? As accommodation managers, you have the unique opportunity to not just sell a stay, but to sell an experience that could change the way we think about work/life balances. ‘Why You Should Escape Now’ isn’t just a catchy phrase—it’s a compelling invitation you should extend to potential guests. Present the urgent reasons why they need a break; Here’s how you can effectively communicate the benefits of escaping the daily grind. Remember sales is not about asking for money from people; its about two parties benefiting from a transaction. In this case it’s your job to educate and expose the benefits of a getaway which, leads to the potential guest recognising and acting upon this information.

Stress Reduction: Sell the Serenity

Australia boasts some of the world’s most stunning and diverse landscapes, from the serene beaches of the Gold Coast to the tranquil bushlands of the Blue Mountains. Use these natural wonders to your advantage. Highlight how a change from the daily routine can significantly reduce stress levels. Create content that showcases the serene environment surrounding your property, whether it’s nestled in a lush vineyard in the Yarra Valley or overlooking the pristine waters of the Whitsundays.

Consider partnering with local wellness experts to offer packages that include yoga sessions, meditation retreats, or spa treatments. Link to research or articles, such as those found on HealthDirect Australia, that discuss the benefits of rest, mindfulness and other techniques on mental health. This not only underscores the value of Why You Should Escape Now but also positions your accommodation front and centre as a place of necessary escape.

Improved Mental Health: Emphasise the Importance of Rest

With mental health becoming a priority worldwide, spotlight the mental health benefits of taking a break. Share testimonials on your website and social media from past guests who’ve experienced a positive shift in their well-being from staying at your property. Offer links to resources like Beyond Blue and other recognised mental health research organisations to provide guests with additional information on managing stress and anxiety.

Create blog posts or guides on your website about the importance of disconnecting from digital devices and reconnecting with oneself. Highlight how your accommodation provides the perfect backdrop for this, whether through digital detox packages or by offering experiences that encourage mindfulness and relaxation. Remember also to show your prospective guests what this actually looks like, using images and video through websites and social media channels.

Increased Creativity: Inspire with Local Culture

Australia’s rich cultural landscape offers endless inspiration. Present to  potential guests ‘Why You Should Escape Now’ by promoting how new experiences and environments, such as local art galleries, indigenous cultural tours, or unique wildlife encounters, can stimulate creativity and offer fresh perspectives.

Develop partnerships with local artists, cultural institutions, and tour operators to create exclusive experiences for your guests. Use your platform to tell these stories, perhaps through a featured monthly blog post that explores local culture and creativity. Include links to Australian cultural sites like the Australian Museum or the National Gallery of Victoria to inspire guests and provide them with ideas for their itinerary. Keep in mind, what you can offer is more than just what’s inside your own gates!

Quality Time with Loved Ones: Highlight the Value of Connection

We are recognising more and more that quality time with loved ones is increasingly precious. Putting an emphasis on how your accommodation offers the perfect setting for families and friends to reconnect is another great selling point. Create special family or group packages that include activities everyone can enjoy, from private BBQ dinners under the stars to guided nature hikes. Think about how your offering accommodates families.

Share stories and photos from past guests who’ve celebrated milestones or enjoyed memorable family reunions at your property. Encourage guests to envision their own gatherings through vivid descriptions and inviting imagery. This approach not only sells the experience but also the lasting memories that can be created, further reinforcing Why You Should Escape Now.


Through strategic marketing and genuine storytelling, you can show potential guests of the multitude of benefits waiting for them just a booking away. Why You Should Escape Now is more than a call to action—it’s a promise of a better, healthier, and more fulfilled life through the simple act of taking a break. Embrace this message, and let it guide your interactions with potential guests, ensuring they understand not just the value of what you offer, but the critical importance of taking the time to truly escape.