Kudos Spa

The Kudos Spa new vibrant colours are designed for a stylish contemporary
in-room experience however the popular formulations remain the same.

This range will impress your guest because it creates the ultimate urban ambience that’s designed to modernise your accommodation facility. Above all the liquids and soaps feel as good as they look.

The range is created using the finest ingredients to delight the senses
featuring an exclusively designed fragrance. A fresh combination of Bergamot, Jasmin and Green Tea will energise your guest.

A collection of quality vegetable based amenities that represents the finest ingredients. Free of mineral oils and parebens to minimise skin irritations and retain skin moisture. As a result it will leave guests feeling pampered and refreshed. Now you’re invited to try Kudos Spa and enjoy the comfort and freshness this brand offers.

Made from ERP which means an enzyme has been added to the plastic tubes, caps and sachets so that they biodegrade in landfill. Meaning this range plays its part caring for the environment. In addition you can read more about the additive in the range at http://www.goecopure.com/what-is-ecopure.aspx It’s part of responsible product development.

In conclusion if you are looking for a vibrant, contemporary, well priced, mid range product with co-ordinating accessories – look no further than this hotel range.

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