Eartherapy is a signature collection of nourishing formulations to indulge the senses and cleanse your skin. The collection features an aromatic earth-inspired fragrance of pine and eucalyptus.

Also accompanied by other citrus aromas with blended notes of orange, pine needle, eucalyptus, jasmine and amber. The body lotion has further warm blends of peach, almond, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla.

We invite you to try Eartherapy because it’s both welcoming and refreshing and provides guest with a nourishing truly eco-friendly line of hair and body care products.

A quality vegetable based hotel amenity range that represents simplicity of the finest ingredients.

The range is free of mineral oil, parebens to minimise skin irritations. Moisturising body lotion is enriched with organic aloe vera extract, grapeseed oil and vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin. As a result it will leave guests feeling pampered and refreshed.

Made from ERP so the range is truly environmentally friendly. Using recycled paper, soy based inks, eco-friendly packaging and ingredients that will biodegrade in landfill. This means the range is helping to play its part caring for the environment. In addition you can read more about the additive in the range at It’s part of responsible product development.

You will be delighted with the Eartherapy range because it uplifts the senses whilst caring for the environment. In conclusion Eartherapy is an affordable, refreshing and environmentally sensitive accommodation range.

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