Sheets & Quilt Covers

Sheets & Quilt Covers – This category is full of great quality commercial sheets and quilts.
Manufactured to withstand the rigors of commercial laundering Actil commercial bed linen has a history of supplying bed linen that has endured the test of time. Many of our customers have commented how when they were young Actil sheets were known for their crispness and strength.
Impress your guests with Actil’s range suitable for the finest hotels, resorts and luxury accommodations but also used by thousands of BnB’s and various accommodation providers.
We have flat and fitted sheets in all sizes in both Supercale 50/50 polycotton and 100% cotton. Colors also available. Some interesting articles about cotton.

Our quilts are mid range warmth with a soft microfibre cover. Non-allergenic and odour free polyester fibre machine washable.
Cool for summer and with a quality polar fleece blanket warm your guest will be  for winter. All sizes are available.

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