So, you’re a welcoming place of accommodation that often has families staying with you…Great! Traveling with kids isn’t always a walk in the park. Parents are actively seeking destinations that go beyond merely accommodating their kids, aiming for places that genuinely make their children feel cherished and at home. Embracing families wholeheartedly, as opposed to just allowing them in, can significantly distinguish your accommodation. We’ve gathered a series of insightful tips on how you can cater specifically to this demographic and invest in making families feel valued, encouraging them to become repeat visitors. After all, families often develop a loyalty to their holiday spots. Delivering an outstanding experience can solidify your place as their go-to retreat. Let’s explore how you can make this happen.

What Families Really Want

Think about it: kids get bored easily, and parents are basically on a mission to keep them happy and safe while trying to enjoy a bit of relaxation themselves. It’s a tall order, right? But if you can anticipate what families need before they even ask, you’re on your way to winning their loyalty and their business. Let’s go through some ideas that makes families feel welcomed when they enter through your doors.

Cool Stuff for Kids (That Parents Will Love Too)

The Ultimate Kid Zone: Imagine a place where kids can dive into fun activities, make new friends, and maybe even learn something new while they’re at it. Having a kids’ club or a special area just for them? Gold star! It’s not just about giving the kids somewhere to be, but creating a space where they can have a blast.

Safety First (But Make It Invisible): Parents are always on high alert. But if you can make their stay worry-free with things like baby monitors, night lights, and kid-friendly furniture, you’ll be a hero. It’s all about letting families have a carefree time, knowing their little adventurers are safe.

A Suite Deal for Families: Families love feeling at home, even when they’re miles away. Offering rooms or suites that cater to their needs, with separate areas for parents and kids, maybe a little kitchenette, makes all the difference. It’s like a little haven where they can recharge and connect.

It’s the Little Things That Count

Your Very Own Family Guide: Ever thought about having a go-to person for families? Someone who can dish out the best local spots for fun, arrange kid-friendly activities, or even snag reservations at that cool pizza place down the street. A really good idea for busy school holiday periods – It’s like having a magic genie for family holidays.

Kid-licious Dining: Mealtime can be a battlefield or a breeze. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you what a battle meal times can often be. Having a menu just for kids, complete with healthy (but tasty!) options, can turn a meal into an adventure. And those little extras, like coloring books or a small play area? Parents can actually enjoy their meal while the kids are happily engaged.

Learn and Play: Holidays are the perfect time for kids to explore and learn about the world around them. Hosting activities that teach them about local culture, nature, or cooking? It’s fun, educational, and something the whole family can get excited about.

Your Accommodation Is Made For Families – Tell The World!

Show and Tell: Use your website and social media to give families a sneak peek of what awaits them. Photos, videos, and real stories from other families can paint a picture that’s worth a thousand words.

Deals They Can’t Resist: Who doesn’t love a good deal? Offering special packages that bundle up accommodations with fun extras or discounts during school breaks can be the nudge families need to book their stay.

Buddy Up with Local Attractions: Got a theme park or a museum nearby? Teaming up to offer exclusive deals or special experiences can make your place the ultimate family getaway hub.

The Wrap Up

Bringing a smile to a child’s face and making parents feel like they’ve hit the jackpot—that’s the secret sauce to creating memorable family holidays. It’s about more than being family friendly and just a place to sleep; it’s about building an experience that families will talk about for years to come.

Create a place that makes it a no-brainer for families to return to. A good family holiday is a time where children are entertained and parents have some down time to relax. It’s certainly worth considering what ideas you can implement, to win repeat guests and drive more business with existing happy customers.