An Eyes Wide Open Experience

You as an accommodation owner/manager are well-acquainted with the nuances of hospitality and service, of course. But what happens when you swap roles and go from host to guest? This unique experience can offer a treasure trove of insights to enrich and enhance your own establishment. Here, we explore what to look out for when being a guest, with an eye towards improving your own accommodation.

The Arrival & Checkin Experience

You arrive at your destination. How are you feeling at this point? Are you tired and thinking just about taking your luggage in and flopping onto the bed? Or are you amazed by the presentation of the accommodation, which energizes and excites you?

The moment you cross the threshold of a new place, take a step back and assess the arrival experience. What made you feel welcomed, and how can you infuse that same warmth and hospitality into your own check-in process? Are you perhaps ahead of where others might be and can you identify why?

Guestroom Glimpse

Your guestroom is your temporary sanctuary. Analyse the cleanliness, layout, and the amenities offered. Perhaps its a theme that makes you feel a certain way or maybe its the quality of the amenities.

What stands out as exceptional, and where can improvements be made in your own guestrooms? Is there anything you feel you need that they’ve missed? Would you be happy to pay a little extra for it? Identifying these things through experience is far more valuable than a brainstorm in the office. Be aware of what you felt, the sights, the smells etc.

A Symphony of Service

Interaction with staff is pivotal. Evaluate their level of attentiveness and friendliness. Were they easy to find? Did they appear happy in their role; and were they good communicators? Consider how you can inspire your own team to offer similar levels of service and care.

Additionally, consider whether or not the accommodation provided local insights and knowledge? Is there any valuable information about nearby attractions and activities you could do better to share with your guests?

Facilities Exploration

Explore the on-site facilities and amenities. Take inspiration from what enhances your stay and contemplate how you can expand or upgrade your own offerings. We can get a good gage during our own travels about what guests might be prepared to pay extra for, or what they could potentially go without to make it a cheaper stay or more profitable for you.

The Feedback Loop

Observe and analyze is the feedback loop within the establishment you’re visiting. This is where you’ll witness firsthand how guest reviews and feedback are collected and managed, providing invaluable insights that can be applied to refine your own feedback collection and review management processes.

This, in turn, can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of your guests’ needs and a heightened commitment to continuous improvement, ultimately resulting in enhanced guest satisfaction and loyalty.


Being a traveling guest provides a unique vantage point to view your accommodation from a fresh perspective. This experience deepens your understanding of your guests’ needs and desires, a crucial insight for any accommodation owner.

As you observe and absorb valuable lessons during your journey, you’ll return to your own establishment with renewed enthusiasm and a heightened commitment to elevating the guest experience. Armed with a deeper empathy for what it means to be a guest, you’ll be better equipped to make meaningful improvements, ultimately creating a more welcoming and satisfying environment for those who choose your accommodation.

As with any successful business, understanding your customers needs and wants and then delivering upon that is imperative to building sustained success. So next time you go from host to guest, make the most of the opportunity to benefit your business.