Crafting a memorable accommodation experience hinges on creating a welcoming and cozy environment that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. To guarantee their utmost satisfaction, offering a well-thought-out selection of amenities is crucial. Let’s delve into the essential amenities to consider with your new bnb and hit the ground running. From indulgent bathrobes and eco-conscious toiletries to a diverse breakfast menu, premium coffee, and snug electric blankets, these products play a pivotal role in cultivating a desire for return visits. By providing these must-have amenities, you create an atmosphere of luxury, comfort, and attention to detail that fosters guest loyalty and enriches their overall stay.



Enhance comfort and add an elegant touch by prioritizing plush bathrobes for your guests. When they unwind after a day of travel or exploration, there’s nothing quite like slipping into a soft and cozy robe. Choose bathrobes made from high-quality materials to ensure your guests feel pampered and relaxed throughout their stay. Consider the plush bathrobe, crafted from white coral fleece polyester, offering a warm and indulgent texture that guests adore. Its shawl collar exudes sophistication, while the pockets and tie belt provide practicality and convenience. With a variety of styles and materials available, selecting the right bathrobe depends on your budget and the style of your establishment. However, the plush bathrobe stands out as an excellent choice and is certainly a top contender among our ‘essential amenities to consider with your new bnb’



Infuse eco-friendly practices into your accommodation by providing guests with environmentally conscious soaps and toiletries. Opt for products that are devoid of harmful chemicals and packaged using sustainable materials. By making these mindful choices, you not only contribute to a healthier environment but also demonstrate your genuine concern for your guests’ well-being and that of the wider community. Numerous environmentally sensitive options are available, including brands like Basic Earth, Eco.Fresh, Eartharapy, and more. As awareness of environmental sustainability grows, most guest amenity manufacturers are increasingly considerate of these factors. Embracing eco-friendly soaps and toiletries aligns your establishment with the values of conscious travelers and enhances their overall experience with a sense of responsibility and care.

Variety Of Cereals

Delight your guests with a delectable and wholesome breakfast selection by providing a diverse range of mixed cereals. Offering a variety of cereals that cater to different dietary preferences and needs ensures that every guest can enjoy a satisfying and nutritious meal to kickstart their day. Consider including portion-controlled cereal options from renowned brands like Kellogg’s, such as the classic Corn Flakes and Sultana Bran, or the indulgent Coco Pops for those with a sweet tooth. Additionally, if you’re seeking a more boutique option, Muesli is a popular choice. One recommendation we suggest is “Valley Hills,” an exclusive blend available through Yarra Valley Trading and Australian Accommodation Supplies. By curating a breakfast spread that encompasses a wide array of cereals, you provide your guests with a delightful breakfast experience that caters to their individual tastes and dietary requirements.



Imagine mornings with the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a staple amenity that never fails to impress. Including premium coffee beans or ground coffee on your list of top amenities is sure to make a lasting impression. While some guests may consider bringing their own coffee machine, it’s often more practical to provide one for their convenience. Offering clear instructions alongside additional amenities like creamers, sweeteners, and stirrers allows guests to indulge in a café-like experience within the comfort of their accommodation.

It’s important to consider that not everyone prefers premium coffee, so it’s a good idea to also offer instant coffee sticks for those seeking a quick caffeine fix on the go. For a local favorite, we recommend our hand-picked coffee, locally roasted in the picturesque Yarra Valley. Its rich flavor and quality will leave your guests craving more, further enhancing their stay.



Enhance the comfort of your accommodation during colder months or in regions with chilly evenings by offering electric blankets. I must admit, I often appreciate the presence of an electric blanket when staying in cooler climates. It provides a sense of relief and reassurance upon entering the bedroom. The ability to offer guests the option to snuggle up under warm blankets and customize the temperature to their liking significantly contributes to a positive accommodation experience. Electric blankets not only add a touch of luxury but also ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Incorporating these top 5 must-have amenities into your accommodation will undoubtedly elevate the guest experience. The inclusion of plush bathrobes, environmentally friendly soaps, a variety of mixed cereals, premium coffee, and electric blankets mentioned are thoughtfully chosen to enhance comfort, convenience, and overall satisfaction. By providing these thoughtful amenities, you showcase your dedication to creating a memorable stay for your guests. Remember, it’s the attention to detail and small touches that make a significant difference and set your accommodation apart from the competition.